EONS İletişim Grubu Yeni Üyeler Arıyor!

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of Mr Paul Trevatt, Chair of the EONS Communication Working Group, I would like to inform you that the group is looking for a number of new members, including a new co-Chair.
The communication working group principle aims is to inform its members as well as represent their interests. Membership is communicated with and informed through a variety of digital and media platforms that the communication working groups supports:
-          Website
-          Magazine
-          Newsletter
-          Social media (twitter and Facebook)
The Communication working group is also interested with how EONS is perceived by both internal and external stakeholders and how it can use it digital and media platforms to influence others.  
Recent projects that the Communication Working Group has led on has included the translation of EONS materials into other languages, and highlighting the challenges faced by young European cancer nurses.
We are looking for new members to join the working group.
Those interested should ideally:
-          be interested in social media, use social media and / or understand how different social media can be used to promote the development of an organisation
-          be willing to meet twice a year as a group
-          be willing to help EONS develop and grow as an organisation through the use of its web site, magazine, newsletter and social media platforms
We are also looking for a co-chair to work alongside the current chair.
Expressions of interest should be sent to Mariska Mooijekind, EONS Working Groups Manager, no later than Saturday 22 October 2017: working.groups@cancernurse.eu. Your expression of interest should include a brief CV and a motivation on why you would like to join the group and what it is you think you will bring to the group.
We look forward to hearing from you, should you be interested in joining us!
With kind regards,
On behalf of Mr Paul Trevatt,
Mariska Mooijekind


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